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Tu/Th Future Stars Drop-In, 4-5p

1hr of Tennis Instruction for Kids (8-10 yr)

  • 1 hour
  • 20 US dollars
  • Earl Bell Community Center

Service Description

Our Tennis Class for Kids aged 8 to 11 offers a fun and engaging environment for young players to learn and fall in love with the sport. Tailored specifically to their age group, this program combines skill development, physical activity, and teamwork to provide a well-rounded tennis experience. In our classes, children will receive expert instruction from qualified coaches who specialize in teaching young players. The emphasis is on creating a positive and supportive atmosphere where kids can learn at their own pace while building confidence and coordination on the court. Through age-appropriate drills, games, and exercises, our program focuses on developing fundamental tennis skills such as hand-eye coordination, footwork, racquet control, and basic stroke techniques. These skills are taught through a mix of structured lessons and interactive activities designed to keep children engaged and excited about their progress. We understand that children learn best when they are actively involved, so our classes incorporate a variety of fun challenges and friendly competitions that encourage participation and foster a love for the game. Kids will have the opportunity to practice their skills in mini-matches and cooperative exercises, promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and fair play. Physical fitness is also an integral part of our program, as we believe in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Kids will engage in age-appropriate exercises and activities that improve their agility, coordination, and overall fitness level. These sessions are designed to be enjoyable and help children develop a strong foundation of athleticism that can benefit them both on and off the tennis court. Safety is our top priority, and our coaches ensure a safe and supervised environment for all participants. We provide equipment suitable for young players, including smaller racquets and low-compression tennis balls, to optimize their learning experience and ensure success from the start. Our Tennis Class for Kids aged 8 to 11 is the perfect opportunity for children to discover the joy of tennis, develop essential skills, and foster a lifelong passion for the sport. It's a place where friendships are made, confidence is built, and young athletes can thrive in a supportive and enjoyable setting.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • 1212 South Church Street, Jonesboro, AR, USA


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